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Pat’s Story

Coma…a medically induced coma…  Pat was in a coma… Put yourself in Pat’s Place… You are Pat.

You fall.  You are paralyzed, lying on the floor all night  until being found by your neighbor’s son who has come to walk your Labrador Retriever.

At the hospital, a coma is medically induced.  The coma continues for over a month.  It is impossible for  you to do anything…  make decisions, conduct business, pay bills and perform daily functions.  Your creditors, unfortunately, want their money even while you are in a coma and require long time recovery.

You fell in March, 2009, your paralysis, painful rehabilitation, living in assisted living and surgery continue until the writing of Pat’s Story in September, 2010….19 months….and will continue.

Your insurance proceeds, savings, and equities are quickly exhausted.  Meanwhile mortgages are still due, business team expenses continue.  Your company accommodates you carrying out-ofpocket expenses from the company and no carrying cost.  Eventually, your fees must be paid when you go back to work.  Your managers and team members work with you, but there is still neeed for cash to pay vendors, creditors…medicla bills…healthcare …for survival.

To qualify for Medicaid all of your income has to stop.. You lose your house.  You lose your team.  In addition, how does it feel to have no income for medicine, doctors, physical therapists, food and housing?

You are in pain and paralyzed, confined to your hospital bed, worrying about the burden of mounting debt, paying medical bills, impending foreclosure, team operations, business bills and recovery!

Where is help for you, a long time, successful REALTOR?  Your family’s ability to help is limited by their own family expenses.  All sources are exhausted.

Would five or ten thousand dollars help you financially, emotionally, psychologically, provide a spark of hope…hope so vital to healing…A Bridge of Hope?  Could foreclosure be avoided?  Would your recovery be accelerated?  Could you afford additional treatements?  Would it help you to know there are those outside the immediate family who care?

In this sadly real Pat’s Story NAR is contacted on her behalf by a fellow REALTOR, a Tuesday Sister a member of her mastermind group; but no help is forthcoming because NAR has no fund or facility to help.

An NAR Benevolent Foundation would relieve some of the pain and suffering of tragedies that all Pats endure. You never know when you could be a Pat.  Think about it.   To show your support please SIGN THE PETITION NOW.

What was discovered, in Pat’s case, was that the REALTORS® Relief Foundation, which is a wonderful and powerful humanitarian relief of which we can all be proud, is not designed to support the REALTOR® member.  It is designed to support persons outside of the REALTOR® family who experience disaster.  It is for outreach-for others; not in-reach for the REALTOR® family in trouble.

It is reported on that the foundation had expended $20,000,000 since it was established in response to 9/11.  Victims of 9/11, Katrina and now Haiti have received aid from the National Association of REALTORS®.  Now we need to extend that care and those humanitarian efforts by closing the circle of compassion and expending some funds for fellow members of the REALTOR Family…who have experienced their own personal Katrina’s, 9/11’s, Haiti’s. That is why we need an NAR Benevolent Foundation…. join the Campaign… SIGN THE PETITION NOW.