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How It Works


  • A Realtor®, a member of a Realtor’s immediate family or Realtor’s staff person, or someone on their behalf, using a standard application form applies for aid based on lack of funds caused by a catastrophic event, illness, or accident.  All sources of assistance should have been explored and exhausted.  The situation is desperate.
  • The application is received by NAR.  Statements and claims are verified.  It is passed to the Board of the Foundation, or a grants committee of the Board, for review for a decision.  Will the award be made? In what amount?  The documents dictate an upper limit for awards relating to an individual in a calendar year. The time of turnaround to approval must be very, very short.
  • The award check will be payable to a vendor, not the individual, as the award will cover a specific, individual, personal expense.Expense examples:  medicine, doctors, hospitals, lenders, utilities, funeral expenses, caregivers, rehabilitation facilities, insurance premiums to prevent lapse.