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Ever Lost Your Dog….Your Best Friend?

[ 0 ] September 15, 2011 | admin

That is what is looming over our Pat Sherman who inspired us to create For Pat’s Sake.

We are well into two and a half years since Pat’s tragic fall and of Pat’s being in a care facility. Now the current facility says she can keep Bella, her companion yellow lab, if she is capable of caring for her…which she can do if she gets a special wheelchair. Therapy dog, companion, loving dog, family, call her what you will; but Bella is Pat’s only daily constant companion who shows her love.

Pat is in such bad shape that it requires, according to her doctors, a very special apparatus for her to have mobility…. How special? A very special wheelchair…$8,000 special.

Her Tuesday Sisters: Tammy Fadler, Gail French and Glenda Williamson are seeking to raise the funds needed. I, Nick French, join the effort.

We need to raise the funds ourselves since NAR decided that Benevolent Funds should be created and run by local and state associations. There are no national Realtor® funds available. As far as we know, there are no local or state Realtor® benevolent funds in Dayton or Ohio, Pat’s home. If a reader knows of any, please let us know.

Help us give our fellow Realtor® a boost…a little compassion goes a long way to easing the emotional pain and putting a smile on a needy face. Comfort, healing, courage and hope are what we, working together, can provide….a quality life. It’s about Pat and her beloved Bella.

As an aside, NAR’s work group met in the winter to make the determination that only states and locals should have benevolent funds with no national benevolent fund or cushion. The report was due out in August, but I have been told it will now be this month. It will take time to establish and fund any new funds. Meanwhile our Realtor® Family has pressing needs. We have made progress as NAR will have guides and recommendations for funds to be established. There is also a session scheduled at NAR in Anaheim on benevolent funds and the report.

Back to our Sister Pat’s plight:
Checks should be made payable to For Pat’s Sake, P.O. Box 242263,
Little Rock, AR 72223

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