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Give Hope to the Realtor® Family

[ 0 ] May 9, 2011 | admin

It is a laudable gift of $150,000 that the REALTORS® Relief Foundation sent to the devastated state of Alabama to aid those stricken by the tornados.
As wonderful as the contribution is and with all the good this gift will do we remember that these funds are to be used to benefit the public…They are not designated for Realtors®. We are still missing the link of compassion for our own Realtor® Family…a Benevolent Foundation. Such a Foundation is vital to close our Realtor® circle of compassion.

There are reports of Realtor® victims of natural disasters. What vehicle do we have to aid them in their time of deep distress? None if there are no local or state benevolent funds, and they are very few.
Besides natural disasters Realtors® suffer catastrophic results of accident, injury, and illness.
NAR’s proposal to be voted on this week includes over five years $201,400,000 for political survival; $176,225,000 for image; $0 for benevolent funds.
“One of the greatest acts of kindness and compassion we can do for those around us is to give hope.” is a quote from referring to the efforts of the REALTORS® Relief Foundation citing tornado victims in Alabama. It is time to extend that hope to our own brother and sister Realtors®.

Come on NAR…We know you care…Now show the Realtor® Family how much you really care by establishing a BenevolentFoundation.

Nick French

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