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NAR Leadership Team Sidesteps Benevolent Foundation Appeal

[ 1 ] November 10, 2010 | admin

To all of us who have embraced and are supporting the campaign (branded as For Pat’s Sake) for NAR to establish a Benevolent Foundation: not such good news.

The response of the eight member Leadership Team of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) to a resolution advanced by the Tennessee Association of REALTORS® for the creation of a Benevolent Foundation at the national level to benefit suffering members of the REALTOR® Family did not answer the request explicit in the resolution. Instead a statement was issued by the Leadership Team saying that benevolent issues are best handled on the local and state association levels. It further stated that a work group would be convened to produce a model benevolent fund for use by those local and state associations desirous of creating their funds. Now it is a “wait and see”…wait for the creation of the group, wait to see its complete and specific charge, wait to see the timeline.

From the beginning of the campaign, on the website and at the NAR Conference in New Orleans, the primary response has been that it was time for NAR to show concern for those of the 1,100,000 members of the REALTOR® Family who have suffered personal disasters (in-reach) just as NAR shows concern through the REALTORS® Relief Foundation (RRF) for non-REALTORS® (outreach) who have been victims of terrorism, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes…domestic and foreign. The RRF has made a difference distributing $22,000,000 to such victims. In New Orleans it was asked that attendees text to contribute $10 each to the RRF for future disasters….honorable and worthy request…we need the same for Family.

To clarify, Tennessee did not ask for a work group. When the presenters, Gail and Nick French of Memphis, Tennessee, presented the resolution to the Executive Committee a work group was suggested as a means to “flesh out” the details, the legal aspects, the guidelines, the structure, the funding…a means of extracting the best ideas from the eleven existing funds (3 state, 8 local according to, refining them and making a workable plan…then return to the NAR Executive Committee and eventually the NAR Board of Directors for consideration.

The detailed documents follow.


The text of the Leadership Team statement reproduced exactly as written:

“The Leadership Team received a request from the Tennessee Association of REALTORS® to appoint a work group to consider the formation of a Benevolent Foundation to help REALTORS® with a medical or other hardship. After careful review with the Executive Committee, the Leadership Team believes this worthy endeavor is best served by the State and Local Association who are closer to and in the best position to evaluate Realtors personal needs. Pursuant to the Tennessee Association of Realtors request, a work group will be convened to create a model for State and Local Associations who wish to create a benevolent foundation.”


The resolution from the Tennessee Association of REALTORS®:

A Resolution Supporting the Creation of an NAR Benevolent Foundation

WHEREAS, there are REALTORS, their families and staffs who suffer catastrophic, tragic situations from illness, acts of God, and accidents;

AND, WHEREAS, these situations can exhaust all funds and available sources of funds including family, faith based institutions and community sources;

AND, WHEREAS, desperate REALTORS, REALTORS families and their staffs situations create a need to pay for those items necessary for survival such as medicine, doctors, hospitals, rehabilitation, shelter, food and sometimes for funeral expenses;

AND, WHEREAS, the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) can find resources to initially fund a Benevolent Foundation and have the staff and volunteers to administer said foundation;

AND, WHEREAS, there is a greater efficiency, affordability and availability of resources in one central foundation rather than many state and local foundations;

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the Tennessee Association of REALTORS asks NAR to form a Benevolent Foundation for the benefit of its REALTOR members, their families and staffs which qualifies as a 501(c)(3) foundation; initially funded by NAR as legally permitted and open to donations and to contributions; and that is used to benefit REALTORS, their families and staffs;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this resolution be forwarded to the Officers and Executive Committee of the National Association of REALTORS.

Approved by the Board of Directors of the Tennessee Association of REALTORS this 16th day of September, 2010.

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  1. Tammy Fadler says:

    I strongly feel that this is one NAR function to it’s member, we cannot continue to promote “Realtor Family” to be a family we must take care one of our own in the time of need.
    We asked Realtor Family to support what we WANT but when Realtor Family has a need we turn our back on them, this ideas somehow not compute well with my brain.
    It has to be a way that we can set this up to take care “One of our Own”.
    This is a worthy campaign and need to be done for all the REALTORS.

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