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Blog about NAR Benevolent Foundation Generates Response

[ 1 ] November 16, 2010 | admin

WOW! Our last blog about Benevolent Foundations generated an excellent response. There were some fresh ideas regarding the National Association of REALTORS® working with the local and state associations…some very worthy possibilities that we had not considered. This type of input is why we thought a work group at NAR would do well to get the best solutions on the table for consideration and recommendation to the NAR Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. We are hopeful that the charge to the forthcoming work group is broad enough to consider these opportunities.

Extending a hand to a member of our REALTOR® Family when that member is in a catastrophic, dark place should be a priority. Last week, a REALTOR® fell in the parking lot of an office building in a major city. People walked by and drove by without stopping to offer assistance. Finally, someone who saw her there on the pavement turned his car around and came to her aid. A doctor patched her up…cuts and bruises. She’s okay, but there is a lesson here: Let us be the ones to help and not be passersby.

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  1. The time has come to send money and love to our own in time of need.

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